This week's math stuff... 10.30.14

Check out this video...Max Ray at NCTM Ignite:  2 > 4

Check out this blog about the math classroom and how the brain learns...

Upcoming dates

  • Monday morning (Nov. 3)--7th grade math/science meeting
  • Monday afternoon (Nov. 3)--Department meeting
  • We need some people to share a "My Favorite..."  Send an email to Mary if you'll volunteer!!!
  • Powerful Problem Solving group will be discussing Chapters 1 & 2 (I think???) Where are we with this?  Would anyone like to facilitate?  The conversation is meant to be for EVERYONE in the department.  Email Bridget if you're interested in facilitating.
  • From Central Office:  Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities--Check out our PD google site for all your professional development needs.  Click the button below to take you to the SMCPS Professional Development site.