John Brown

John Brown

-is an radical abolitionist

-born in Torrington,Connecticut

- he spent his childhood in Ohio

-he married twice and had 20 children

-he was a conductor on the underground railroad

-he came from a very strong anti-slavey family

-was born May 9,1800

-died December 2,1859

-died by being hung

In 1859 brown and 21 of his followers attacked the Arsenal in Harpers Ferry

John Brown is a radical abolitionist who violently tried to overthrow the slavery system. He believed that God told him to start the violence with the Arsenal and etc. His reputation was good compared to the Norths review but the south disagreed with the violence.

This is a map of Harper Ferry
The fire house John Brown went to, to hide

During the Bleeding Kansas him and his 5 sons led an attack on the pro-slavery residents that were unarmed.

John Browns grave
  •   When Brown took over the arsenal, 10 of his followers were killed by Robert E Lee’s group and or federal group. Brown and the rest of his followers fled and went to a firehouse to hide which Robert E Lee found him again and killed 3 more of his sons Brown was captured and sentenced to death
the attack on the arsenal
civil war

John Brown went around England raising money to bring his anti-slavery war to the South

On May 24,1856 John led a small band to Pottawatomie Massacre and dragged 5 unarmed men out of their homes and they believed that they were slavery proponents and brutally murdered them.

[proponents]-a person who advocated the theory or takes action.

john brown kissing an african american baby

John Brown was under arrest and as he was leaving he kissed the African American baby

john brown at the arsenal

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