Mystery Of The Stolen
Aston Martin

By Cooper and Karun

The crime

One day in the parking lot of Los Angeles casino on Main 5th Street the black and white Aston Martin was stolen. We came to the case when our boos asked us to do our first case since we were rookies. If we solved the case we both would get a promotion The owner is Mark Henkerson owner of the casino. He says that he saw three light skin guys with someone else jump in the car and take off. The witnesses say that the men had on black and white jackets and were yelling champions. Could this be a hint in this case since two days ago Auburn beat Alabama for the chance at a National Championship? Me and Detective Copper promised Mr. Henkerson that we would get his car back but if it was damaged we would give him the money to buy another Aston Martin. " Come here detective Hall. Looks like someone left behind fingerprints. Take these fingerprints back to the Headquarters and see if you can get a match Detective Cooper [ he hates to be called by his last name]. Also because Mr. Henkerson's car was stolen he had to close the casino for a few days of investigation.

"Alright I'll see what I can find.", said detective Cooper.

The Puzzling Question

Who would steal the car and why?

Meet the detectives

Meet Cooper Clark and Karun Hall the detectives. They will solve the case and bring the criminal to JUSTICE!

Karun Hall- brown eyes, black hair, and very short

Cooper Clark- brown eyes, black hair, average height

Suspects and their alibi's

suspect# 1

Jameis Winston - Brown skin, dark brown eyes, black hair.

"I was We were just catching up on time when all of a sudden a police officer told me to come with him." They grabbed my arm so hard they probably could've stopped my blood."

" He was a suspect because Mr. Henkerson was mad at him because Winston ended his football career in junior high. Well I guess that I can say that they were mad at each other because in junior high Winston trucked Henkerson and ended his career." says detective Hall.

Suspect# 2

Cam Newton- Light skin, Brown eyes, Black hair, Showoff

"I was in California for my game against the 49ers and came to celebrate the eighth win streak."

Detective Cooper says "He became a suspect because he was known from robbing high class and expensive places and items. When he came out of the casino he had an Aston Martin key in his pockets with some money.

Suspect# 3

Nick Marshall- Dark skin, Dark brown eyes,

"It wasn't me! I came to take lessons with Newton to try and improve my skills. Nick Marshall came to be a suspect because he left the casino in a white car as witnesses watched him leave.

Suspect# 4

Matt Ryan - Quarter Back for the eagles , light skin , brown eyes , and blonde hair.

"Why would you think it was me. I came to visit family in LA I haven't done anything wrong." He came to be a suspect by being at the casino with the football players because he had a argument about the casino putting commercials on their broadcasting network."

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