Death of Archduke Ignites a War

THIS JUST IN! Archduke Ferdinand of Austrua-Hungary is confirmed dead on June 28, 1914. He and his wife were assassinated early this morning by Serbian Rebels known as the Black Hand. Due to the rise of nationalism and high amounts of pride in ones nation we have started to see a huge increase in competition between European countries. This was just the thing to tip the iceberg. When Ferdinand was assasinated, Austria-Hungary became furious because one of their political leaders had been assasinated. The tension was so high between Serbia and Austria-Hungary already, so this tragic event basically added fuel to the fire that had already been ignited. Austria demanded certain things from Serbia in order to avoid war, but even after most of their demands were met, Austria refused to negotiate the ultimatum and declared war. The Triple Alliance is made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy, while the Triple Entete is made up of Great Britain, France, and Russia.

The idea of globalization and nationalism is also a factor to why this war has started. People have such great pride in their county that they believe that they should be supreme. As the world starts moving forward in life whether it is through technology or just political advancement, every country is trying to outnumber each other. But this the wrong thing to do. Instead of countries trying the build stronger systems in their society, they should be trying to SAVE their money instead of using it in high amounts and improving their military that's already advanced. Why do they do this? Simply because they want to look like the better country. They can be the people that look the best on the field because of their amazing military. This war seems unavoidable because even though Europe has been at peace for a very long time, below the surface there is the unavoidable nationalism that causes competition between countries. There is also competition for materials and markets, as well as overseas empires.

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