Pollution is killing the world./Jordan greenhagen/Hour 5

My word is pollution

The industrial revolution is nothing but pollution and harm to the environment. the world was a nice clean aired place but when the industrial revolution started it was nothing but co₂ from burning coal it was and is killing the environment. the electricity you use is from a power plant and some of them burn coal still. Is killing the environment, it was caused by the industrial revolution just because we wanted it to be faster. “THE POLLUTION of the first industrial revolution led to serious environmental degradation in many parts of the United States in the two decades preceding the Civil War. Many industries discharged foul, sometimes toxic, solid, liquid, and gaseous wastes and loud, repetitive, mechanical noises and vibrations into the surrounding air, water, and land.” The industrial started a long phase of killing the world we will never ever get away from. “This is to say, the rise of industry not only introduced the decline of agricultural labor but also affected the life and health of Americans. During the Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries, pollution had become a major problem with the introduction and the concentrated usage of artificially produced power. In particular, factories in Indiana, where the family of the farmer was located, produced a certain amount of polluted air, mainly smoke, as most of them were burning coal. The Industrial Revolution did make the country into an economic power, increasing the national wealth, but it also transferred the country into an unhealthy union, bringing citizens illness.” Two different sites both the same opinion and there's hundreds more just like em’. We have to get away from this pollution phase go back to a green phase cause if this world goes to sickness we go with it.

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