Many things are copied, stolen and remixed.

In the movie Metropolis they had a robot women but when star wars was made they had a robot man? weird wonder where the idea came from...

Microsoft and apple have been competing for so many years and have stolen so many ideas from each other but a major idea that was stolen was when Microsoft stole the GUI this is where you are able to click on things and open stuff up. this was huge because apple made it and Microsoft stole it.  

Triumph of the will was a huge and well known movie that was about the Nazis and as you can see this scene star wars did copy the set up and this is what we call copying and remixing.

Evolution is the way we copy things transform thing and then combine thing with other peoples creations, copying is to many people bad but when they do it they think its okay but when it happens to them they don't want them copying from them.

Things will never not be copied and transformed into there own it will continue on for many years and until it is officially stopped there will be many remixs and we are just going to have to deal with it.

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