12/18/2014       Advice and Gratitude


Right now if I can give someone advice about something, is being without your loved, like family or closest friends. Its already been four months since I last saw them and i can tell it is not easy, but you need to get over it. I just try not to think about them and communicate as less as possible, because in that way you can concentrate on what your objectives are. The point is, you need to put them on the back end of your head.

Another piece of advice I can give is to never give on whatever you want to do. When I started playing club basketball, they said I was to skinny to play power forward, but I played with my heart in the minutes that I had, so my minutes started to increase and now I am a starter. I proved lots of my teammates wrong, including coaches. If you want to do or be something, just try as hard as you can and people will give a chance.

My final piece of advice for people from Argentina, is thatif you come to Minnesota bring warm clothes, their is never enough clothes. I am wearin a shirt, two sweatshirts and a heavy jacket and I am freezing at all times I am outside.


I am really thankful for my frineds and family right now, becuase as it is a sacrifice for me to not think about them, and message them all the time, it is also hard for them and they have done a really good job about it. I think that really liking someone and not being able to talk to them or see them at school or at home everyday suddenly is really tough, and is something really tough to get over with.

I am also thankful for the experience that I am living right now. This exchnage program has changed how I think, my views, basically my life. Their is no words to describe it, I just know it is an awesome, great, super experience.

Finally I am thankful for the acceptance I received in this new country when I got here. The first couple of weeks were tough, but once I realized that I needed to get out their and take every chance possible, I got to know that this society is in general is amazing. They make it so much easier for me.

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3 years ago

A wonderfully thoughtful, poignant entry, Santiago. Thank you for sharing.