The Southern Colonies

The warmest and most enjoyable region.

By: Anna Chapman

The Colonies located here

Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia.


In the Southern Colonies, the growing season is the longest, which means food year round! This is the warmest region and the winters aren't harsh.  You will definitely enjoy the warm weather in the Southern Colonies!  You will never be freezing or be too hot or too cold, the weather is perfect!


In the southern colonies the soil is very rich and great for growing crops. Some of the most common crops that you will see here is cotton, tobacco, and rice. These are all cash crops so since the weather allowed the food supply to be large, you can make money off of it. Also the longest growing season is here so you got a food supply year round.


In the southern colonies you can make money off of crops. As you learned in the climate section the weather is perfect here! You can enjoy the nice weather and so can the crops! Here in the southern colonies you can easily grow tobacco, cotton, and rice. Another thing you can make money off of is naval supplies and timber. As you can see there is a bunch of simple ways to make money here! Just another reason why you should come!

I hope that you are considering moving to the Southern Colonies!