Journey to the brain and beyond!


Fantastic Voyage Movie Cover

Are you ready for the ride of a lifetime? It isn't a roller coaster, not a race car, ITS A BOOK! Read Fantastic Voyage, by Isaac Asimov, and adventure into the human body with Grant, Owens, Cora, Duval, and Michaels as they conduct a mission to save intelligence that could change the face of warfare and... ALL OF MANKIND!

Here you can see the body parts the crew traveled through during the mission.

Get an upclose view of the inside of a real, live HUMAN! Venture into many parts of the body; including the neck, respiratory system, the circulatory system (the heart), and the brain!

Checkout what the Proteus looked like while being miniturized.

Is miniaturization possible? No, miniaturization is too complicated for human bodies; however imagine what it would be like to be microscopic! This book gives you an INSIDE LOOK on what it would be like!

Cora and Grant protecting one another while experiencing major turbulence.

You can enjoy Cora and Grant's ROMANTIC sides as they flirt back and forth during the high-stakes mission!

This a picture of their trusty ship, the Proteus!

Read about how the crew managed to save the Proteus from many DIFFERENT, UNBELIEVABLE obstacles; which include being able to survive while battling the body's defense system!

Realize how precious time is as these adventurers race against the clock to remove the brain damage in 60 minutes or less!

Find an introduction of the sequel to this book, Fantastic Voyage 2, (which was published 21 years after the original was in 1966) in the back and become enticed in it! Also, if you loved both of the books, find the 1966 MOVIE that was inspired from the original book!

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