Preschool (3-5 years old) Children Needs

The 4 needs being met

Intellectual Needs

  • A child learns at his or her own pace
  • Imaginary play is a important thing in this stage
  • Children begin to name colors and begin to understand simple counting It’s important to stimulate your child’s intellectual development
  • Kids gradually begin to understand the concept of time.
  • By the age of 3 their brain can remember up to 300 words, by the age of 4 they know 1,500 words and by the age of 5 they can know 2,500 words
  • You can stimulate their language development with reading and talking to them
  • Provide an appropriately challenging and safe environment for them to explore and manipulate
  • Build their confidence; “You did that all by yourself!”
  • Avoid interruptions of their activities, as much as possible

Social Needs

  • Make sure that the preschool child has regularly social contact with other children his/her age, and observed them playing with other kids.
  • Preschool social skills depend on 3 abilities: Self-control, empathy, and verbal communication.
  • Discuss your children’s experiences with peers in the same pleasant way, conversational way that you discuss other everyday events
  • Interaction with other kids increases
  • Social development is met in fantasy play and their imagination
  • Learn how to deal with conflicts and how to solve them without so much emotions

Physical Needs

  •   Preschool kids need to be always active since they have a lot of energy at the age of 3,4,&5
  • Measure height and weight
  • Parent have to start to teach them how to do new things
  • Learn how to draw
  • Learn how to use scissors
  • They learn how to climb, and swing
  • Age 5 kids can stand on one foot for at least 10 seconds
  • Parent should give their children food,water
  • Kids should sleep their right amount of time
  • Parents need to take their children to regular check ups
  • Parents have to make sure their kid have a balance diet
  • Parents should make sure to take their kids to the park to release energy

Emotional  Needs

  • Parents help them to understand their emotions
  • Parents need to go see your child's doctor if he aggresive and scared at this age
  • At this age the preschooler hasn't developed much impulse control, so the parents try to show them in a way that they don't act upon the situation
  • Help them make sense of their emotions
  • Parents should teach them how to deal with their strong emotions
  • Parents should give them options on how to resolve conflicts / problems
  • Kids sometimes lie but parents should teach them that lying is wrong

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