by: Hayli and Alison

The climate conditions and weather in Nicaragua

The current weather condition is mostly cloudy , with a humidity of 73%. A dew point of 68%. The two major seasons are dry and rainy. Between January and June is when they do not get any rain, and the scarcity of water leads to the the drying of vegetation. June and July is when the get very  heavy rainfall. The surrounding turns green, and start blossoming. August and September features a tropical downpour once in a day. The hottest months of the year in Nicaragua are March, April, and May. The Eastern part of Nicaragua receves more rain than the Western.

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Accommodations from hotels to campgrounds & Transportation in Nicaragua

Some hotels in Nicaragua were Hotel Monzote and Hotel Granada.  Some transportation is like 3-lane highways, secondary roads that have been asphalted or paved. More are four wheel drive vehicles, urban and interurban buses, taxies, motortaxies, taxibikes. Some dirt-roads are inaccessible because they are either super muddy, or messed up to where you could get stuck while driving.

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Arts & Culture from museums to theaters to Science and Nature in Nicaragua

Some art pieces they made were pottery, lamps, paintings, pewter, wooden accessories, sculptures, copper & steel clocks, and holiday themed art.Culture first nicaragua means "here unites with water". This country loves independence and freedom. The merging of different cultures within Nicaragua has caused the dawn of a creative, lively, and blissful culture. They are appreciated for their natural warmth, hospitality and wisdom. Science and Nature in Nicaragua, they are making up a new sign language. The language follows basic rules common to all tongues, even though children were not taught that. Nicaragua is the largest country in North America, and is roughly the size of Alabama.

Food from fancy restaurants to food stalls on the street in Nicaragu

Some foods they eat is called Nacatamales. It is corn-based like a Mexican Tamale. The stuff that is in the tamale are green peppers, olives, raisins, and chiles. Another food is the Gallo Pinto. It is a mixture of rice and beans. Most Nicaraguans eat this food daily and is considered a national symbol. Vogoron , covered with plantain plant life, topped with yucca, pork, chicharron, and a cabbage and tomato salad. Hamburguesas, actual steak as the ground beef are often mixed with a filter that tastes really good. Quesillo, a piece of cheese is placed on a tortilla, pickled onions, cream and salt are added to the top. Those are five foods from fancy restaurants.

Outdoor Recreation (from sports to parks and beaches) to Entertainment in Nicaragua

People like to go to the Popoyo Beach. Some people say the waves there are great. People also say that the bar is a great place to hang out if you don't want to do anything or if your waiting for the waves to get big or small enough for you. There are lots of hammocks there.

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