Bravery: this photo is showing bravery because this man,girl is jumping of a high cliff into the ocean.

edited: I changed the photo to a more colourful photo, I blurred out the bottom corners of the photo just to add more to the photo.

Respect: This man is showing respect, because he's greeting some one he knows.

edited: I edited this photo by using a splash of colours, i also used some fire works to add more character to this photo ,I also used a star affect to give some shape to this photo, I also added a lightning bolt for a bit of wow factor.

Teamwork: This photo shows teamwork because the two dogs are helping each other to get something.

edited: I used a black and white theme to this photo to add more colour, I also added a little picture to the cupboards to add more shape to this picture, I also put glasses on the dog to give more character.

safety: This photo shows safety because it's a helmet and its safe when you wear it when you go bike ridding or something like that, it protects your head form getting hurt.

edited: I added some bright colours to make it brighter, i also added a boarder to make it look more nice...

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