Mobile Apps in the Classroom

Make Belief Comix App
(English, Creative Writing- Grades 4-9)
iTunes, Website,

Comic's are an often overlooked medium that can be used in a classroom setting. Whether it is a simple comic created by a teacher to explain a concept or idea, or a comic created by a student to creatively express a story, Make Belief Comix provides an easy, free way for students and teachers to help their creations come to life. This app does not require users to submit their own images. Students can make their comics come to life without a large time commitment or incredible amount of skill.

205 National Anthems, Maps, Flags, and Facts
(Social Studies- Geography Grades 7-10)

This app is great for a middle school or early high school history/social studies classroom. It contains a plethora of information, including maps, flags and fun facts about all the countries in our world. Students can even challenge themselves to answer quizzes, matching up countries with their flags and national anthems.

Mystery Math Town, and Mystery Math Museum
(Mathematics- Basic Math Grade 2-7)

Mystery Math Town and Museum are two highly interactive, and entertaining games that can teach students basic math while solving a mystery. It allows for multiple accounts so students can track their progress. Each account can also select the level of difficulty they prefer. This allows students to progress based on their own abilities, and skill.

(Science- Biology- Grades 10-12

Cell biology in high school is a difficult concept to grasp. This app will help students learn about cell biology, from mitosis and meiosis to what to look for under the microscope. A great app for showing students specific concepts, or even helping students understand what to look for during a lab component.

Coaches Eye App
(Physical Education- All Grades)
Itunes, Website

As a physical education teacher it is important students learn the correct way of doing things, whether this is proper form when shooting a basketball, or the right way to do an activity or play a game. This app allows teachers to record their students to correct behaviours, or to showcase how to properly perform a task. Students will respond well to seeing another child their age performing a task, as opposed to the teacher always showing them how it is done. It can be useful on school teams as well as in phys ed. classrooms.

Other Apps in the Classroom

Many social media outlets that were discussed in other modules have apps associated with them for ease of access. Youtube, TED talks, and BrainPop are examples of apps that students can use to learn more about a subject. Their are tools like twitter, or Catchapp students can use to collaborate. Furthermore, many schools are experimenting with their own apps.

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