Causes of Holocaust

The causes of the Holocaust were...

  1. Propaganda: “The Jews Are Our Misfortune”
  2. Antisemitism: Hostility to or prejudice against Jews
  3. Hitler wanted no Jews he wanted a pure race of Aryan
  4. The blame on the loss of Germany by the Versallies Treaty

Facts About The Holocaust...

  1. Hitler wanted no Jews he wanted a pure race of Aryan
  2. Causes for the Holocaust all revolve around antisemitism
  3. The Germans wanted to blame their loss in the WW2 on Jews
  4. Germany was humiliated by the Versailles Treaty
  5. Nazi believed Jews were the “ills” of Germany
  6. Propaganda: “The Jews Are Our Misfortune”
  7. The “Enabling Act” on March 23
  8. The Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler wanted to eliminate all Jews as part of his aim to conquer the world
  9. Anti-Semitism began to take on ethnic and racial overtones in the nineteenth century
  10. Jews were increasingly portrayed as an outsider race that had infiltrated the "pure" European population, diluting its "greatness" in the process.
  11. The Sturmabteilung (S.A., Storm Troopers), a grassroots organization, helped Hitler undermine the German democracy
  12. The Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei, Secret State Police), a force recruited from professional police officers, was given complete freedom to arrest anyone after February 28
  13. Nazi policies, especially the pseudo-science of Social Darwinism and the Germans' misguided national myth that they were descended from 'Aryans'.
  14. The suffering and poverty of the Depression, and the transference of blame for this onto the religion shared by many prominent financiers.
  15. The increasing popularity of Zionism during the 19th Century, which created a more exclusive and fundamentalist strain of Jewish worshippers.
  16. The way that evil was allowed to flourish because to stop it would have got in the way of trade and financial interests, just was we today excuse evil in Burma, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Guantanamo Bay etc etc.
  17. The roots of the Holocaust lie in centuries of European anti-Semitism, the widespread hatred of and discrimination against members of the Jewish faith.
  18. Systematic state-sponsored murder of Jews and others by the Nazis during World War II (1939-1945).
  19. By the end of the war, the Nazis had killed about 6 million Jewish men, women, and children—more than two-thirds of the Jews in Europe.
  20. The Christians believed that they were more powerful than the Jews.


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