Inventions of the industrial revolution

C. O'Neal

Telephone - 1876

Alexander Graham Bell using the first telephone ever.

The first telephone was made by Alexander Graham Bell and the importance of this invention is that it made it possible for long distance contact with each other making it more easy. This was the first time long distance contact was so easily available  to everyone this wasn't a household item at the time but later on in history this took off obliviously almost everyone has a phone in there pocket now!  

Frank Duyrea

The automobile made travel a lot easier by making it faster and more efficient. Before the automobile getting from point a to b was depending on you to get there some how manually. This invention made a huge mark in history as you can see today almost everyone owns one they're a lot more advanced but same concept.

carbon filament for light-bulbs -  1882

Lewis Latimer

This invention made the light bulb a lot better by making it last longer and be more safe. This also made it brighter and making it a lot easier to see. This made the light bulb much more improved because the first light bulbs were not that good and you can tell this was a big deal because its used today.

Typewriter - 1873

Christopher Sholes

This invention made it easy to wright letters and notes. This made it easier for paper work by individuals and businesses. This invention was stepping stones for the keyboards we use today on are computers and other devices.

The airplane - 1903

Wright Brothers

Without airplanes lots of pollution because man needs to use other forms of transportation such as car, boat and train. (the car and the boat pollute just as much if not more than the plane. just search my previous answers about this subject) and no airplane, equals pretty much no space exploration. the shuttle needs the concept of "airplane" and the concept of flight and so does many other satellites and the rockets that brought them up there.

The phonograph - 1877

Thomas Eddison

The phonograph is that it created a future for sound recording. The phonograph helped people come up with new ideas for new inventions on sound recording and it was the mother of many recording and music playing devices.

The Automatic Dishwasher- 1886

Josephine Cochrane

The significance of this invention is that the water is hot enough to sterilize the dishes, so no germs are left on them. This is especially important for babies and people with poor immune systems.People hate washing dishes. People feel dishwashers are a HUGE convenience. That's important.

Hand-Held Camera - 1888

George Eastman

The handheld camera made art more open to the common man to make and made a way for newspapers and other media to show what was happening. This invention is still widely used today in phones and handheld cameras. This a big invention to everyone because it can capture moments so they can be around for life times.

Automatic Lubricator - 1872

Elijah McCoy

This invention helped because applying lubricant is often most effective when it is dispensed in small, measured amounts over short, frequent time intervals. However, time and human resource constraints or sometimes the physical location or type of machine often makes this approach to lubrication impossible. As a result, production cycles, and manpower availability dictate the intervals at which machinery is lubricated which is not optimal for the point requiring lubrication. Auto lube systems are installed on machinery to address this problem.

Transformers and Generators - 1877

Thomas Edison

The transformers and generators are significant because without them transferring and receiving electric energy would be extremely hard to get transferred.

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