What to do in my shoes?

1. On weekdays I have to wake up at 6:30 am.

2.I get dressed, brush my hair, brush my teeth, wash my face, and put on my shoes.

3. By that time at 7:10 Am I wake up my brothers  which some days aren't that easy to do.

4. I wait for them to get ready while I finish doing my things .

5. I leave my house around 7:35 am ;I Drive to school .

6. I drop off my brothers one goes to high school and the other one goes to junior high.

7. I go to my friends house because that where i park my car.

8. I wait for my boyfriends to get there sometimes he beats me there.

9. My boyfriend gets my backpack from my car.

10. I lock my car.

11. We start walking to school.

12. When we get to school  i go to the locker room to drop off my soccer bag.

13.We go to the cafeteria  to get breast feast.

14.  Then he drops me off at my first class on A days I have Mrs.Magus and of B days i have Ms.Medi.

15. Class starts at 8:30.

16. At 10:00 we go to second period on A days is Avid and on B days is with Mrs.Hobbs.

17.At 11:36 we are out of third period.

18. On A days I go straight to lunch at 11:36.

19. After Lunch I go to Mrs.Kirkpatrick.

20. On B days I go to class to Mrs.Taylor.

21. Then at 1:12 I go  lunch.

22.At 1:42 i go to advisory to Mr.Owens.

23.2.20 i go to soccer play.

24. I go in to the locker room and get dressed.

25.We go outside and warm up.

26. We wait for distractions.

27.We play against each other.

28.I'm a defence player.

29. At 4:00 we are out of school.

30. I walk to my friends house to pick up my car.

31.Then i pick up my brothers.

32.After that we go home.

33. I cook sometime to eat.

34. About at 5:00 my moms get home from work.

35.I get my bag ready and get ready to leave for my game.

36.On Mondays and Fridays We have games.

37. I go to school to get on the bus to go top the game.

38.Our game starts at 7:15.

39.The game is over at about at 8:25.

40. We get back on the bus and go home.

41. We arrive to school.

42. I get on my car and go home.

43. When i get home i take a shower.

44. After my shower i talk to my mom for a little while.

45. Then i go to sleep.

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