A Million Ways Home

By Dianna Dorisi Winget

A Million Ways Home  is funny, sad, and an action packed book about a young girl named Poppy Parker.  Her life is turned around when her grandmother ends up in the hospital. She is forced to move into an orphanage. She plans to get out of the orphanage and get things back to normal but her plan fails when she witnesses a terrible crime. Poppy is placed in the "witness protection program" where she stays with Detective Brannigin's mom.  Things are a little hard at first but she makes friends with a misfit girl named Lizzie.Also she has the chance to save a beautiful German Shepherd named Gunner who may but put down if unless she can train him. Now Poppy is trying to find a way to rescue grandma Beth well a dangerous criminal  may be looking for her. Will life ever go back to normal?

The main character of this book is Poppy Parker. She is a  smart and courage's girl. Although she goes through a lot she  keeps on going and never gives up. After she witnesses a horrible crime she has to move in with Trey the detective at the police station. He is a mature and understanding man that only want to help Poppy even though it may not seem like it all the time. Anther character is Gunner the German Shepard that lives at the shelter where Trey's mom works. When he was young he bit a child and so they gave him to the shelter and nobody wants to adopt him so he might be put down. But Poppy has the chance to save him if she can train him to be a police dog. I recommend this book  to all sixth graders because it is a super good book. I give it a five star rating!

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