The Glass Castle

Maci Reynolds



        Forgiveness is  a very important theme to The Glass Castle. Mom and Dad neglected their children in so many ways and should be punished, but their children also need to understand that forgiveness is for themselves as well for their parents.


       The most mature and responsible people in a family are the children, not the parents. The Walls’ children learn to fend for themselves and protect each other while living with two adults who either drank to much or left them to raise themselves.


      Jeannette is the narrator of her book, telling her story from about age three into adulthood. As a child she is adventurous, and her Father's favorite. Jeannette, the middle sibling, is closer to younger brother Brian than her older sister Lori (Brian shares Jeannette's love of the outdoors, while Lori is more a bookworm). As Jeannette matures, her feelings toward her Father and Mother change. She resents her Father's drinking problem and how he constantly lets her and the rest of the family down yet never openly admits it or speaks about his issues. Jeannette also resents her Mother's refusal to hold down a job long enough to provide her kids with a stable food supply. Her resentment towards both her Mother and Father made her more and more willful and independent. Eventually she scrapes together enough money to build the life she dreams of: the life of a successful reporter; however, she is haunted by her past and is at times uncomfortable with her transition.


Rose Mary Walls:

       She is the selfish mother of the family who brings her own baggage with her and passes it on to her children. She also loves her family but only after her own needs are me

Rex Walls:

     He is Jeannette’s alcoholic father who manipulates and uses his wife and his children for his own needs and yet never stops loving them and hoping they love him.

Jeannette Walls:

      She is the narrator and main character of the story. She tells the events of her life living with neglectful and yet loving parents.


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