Come Blow Your Horn by: Neil Simon

Maddy Conklin

Summary: After leaving home, Buddy Baker decides to move in with his older bachelor brother, Alan. Alan shows Buddy around Manhattan, explaining his routines and favorite places to go. During this, Alan shows Buddy his lifestyle of chasing girls. Buddy becomes so enticed that he soon begins to mimic his brother's life, by taking over his liquor cabinet and his many girlfriends. Alan's most dedicated girlfriend is Connie, who is getting very tired of his non-commitment attitude and his unwillingness to settle down. After being severely beaten up by a woman's husband, Alan begins to rethink his carefree lifestyle. He realizes how he is not living the life that will make him the happiest, and he finally proposes to Connie and urges Buddy to end what he had so willingly taught him, but Buddy refuses. He then helps his parents reconcile their marriage and begins to work in the family business, giving up his old bachelor life for a much more mature one.

Characters: Buddy Baker: younger brother, Alan Baker: older brother, Connie, Peggy John: woman living upstairs, Harry Baker and Sophie Baker: parents of Buddy and Alan


Setting: Manhattan, New York

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