Fuelfox Ltd.

At Fuelfox Ltd. you get honest advice on where to buy oil in Northern Ireland. Fuelfox Ltd. also give you free and direct access to heating oil supplier prices, making your small order part of a bigger buying power for cheaper heating oil.

Company overview:

Fuelfox Ltd. emerged due to the frustration, when they cannot find independent, honest advice on where to buy home heating oil in Northern Ireland. We felt that customers wanted a place where they can get all the facts so they can make an informed decision about what's best for them. We also want to make the process of buying oil as quick, cheap and hassle-free as we can. We have no connection with any oil companies, so we can give an informed and impartial overview of all the options available in your area.
Fuelfox Ltd. is a group buying website for general public who want to purchase heating oil. It collects individual oil orders in a postcode area before approaching oil suppliers for the best group price. We are passionate about helping local people make savings and get a fair price.

Contact Details:

Fuelfox Ltd.
51 Malone Road
Belfast, BT9 6RY
Phone: 0800 024 6788
Email: info@fuelfox.co.uk
Website: http://www.fuelfox.co.uk/

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