Tap dance

By: Callie Thompson


tap tap did you hear that?If you want to lean how to tap dance.If you do you got the right book! you will hear all about tap dancing in this book.Just keep on leaning.

Fun fact

did you know there are no age limets to tap dance

did you know you can make muic with you'r feet

things you need to tap dance

first you'll need tap shoes to dance so you can click click click.You also need some tipe of hard floor.If you don't you won't be able to hear all of you 're beautiful souds that you are making.


The first thing you half to do is an exursize .You start with some easy saps flap heal,then your pattern goes seven three three seven.Then you do flap flap.

Real Dance

make up a really fun dance that that others will enjoy but make shure you like the song.

Fun Fact

these are some famous dancers that I would like to share with you there are Fred Astaire,Bill Bailey,Jamo Cagney ,James ''stump cross', and Sammy Dais,Jr.

Show Fnally

you put on a T- Shirt and some baggy pans and dance your head off.

By see you soon keep on taping.


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