Chicago Violence
             "Speak to save your home"

This is my Chicago
By Davona Williams

Chicago is known as a very violent place.Chicago population of crimes violence is extremely high it is 2,708,382. Chicago has 20 percent of crimes each month. Gang violence, domestic violence and Gun violence are a huge affects in Chicago. Up to 40 percent of all homicides in major cities nationwide from 2009 to 2011 were gang -related. Gang members were responsible for 61 percent of all homicides it went up to 58.7 percent.25% of gang violence went up. 419 people were killed in Chicago over the last month. Chicago was compared Stickney,Cicero, Berwyn,Forest view,River side,Lyons, North Riverside and Burbank. Chicago was the highest. 43 shot,5 killed in spate of weekend violence in Chicago. 6 people have been killed and at least 10 others wounded in shooting other violence across Chicago over the long Memorial Day. Chicago's homicide tally increased slightly in 2005 and 2006 to 450 and 467.Violence 27,295 and property 113,323 the total for all though is 140,618.

Chicago is important to me because it's a place where I live and grew up in and it's sad that over the years many people have died,lost family members and lost friends. No parent should witness a death of there kids. People should live there life until God call them home. Violence is the number one topic. Violence has cause many families to break apart. Violence has cause many people to not know the world and to be hidden behind fear. Violence has grown over the course of the years and its sad because kids can't go to the park. Something have to give.

Ways To Change Chicago

Mr.Kelp-Lenane teaches at Josephinum Academy. At Josephinum he teaches Geometry,Honors Geometry, Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus and Honors Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus. Mr Kelp-Lenane have been teaching for five years all together and three years at Josephinum. On the outside of teaching he likes couching. He does Fundraisers for children hospital to give back to the community. He also think Chicago will become better.

Me: How would you describe our world today?

Mr.Kelp Lenane: Complex,intense, fast paced and connected.

Me:Do you like the changes that's being made in the world?

Mr.Kelp Lenane: Locally I think things are heading in the right direction I don't think it's perfect but I think people are speaking their opinions, I think resources are available for people locally and globally. I think people are able to do more now then in the past.

Me: What would you change in the@ world?

Mr Kelp Lenane: Wealth and education and making sure no one can deny a free education

Me: What steps would you take to get there?

Mr.Kelp Lenane: I think people need to notice the wealth and make sure people know the haves and have nots.

Me: How would you describe your surrounding?

Mr. Kelp Lenane: Caring and challenging.

Me: How do you over come your challenges?

Mr.Kelp Lenane: With the help of others, trying to make sure everything is right.

Me: What is some advice you will give our teens today?

Mr.Kelp Lenane: Stop playing so much video games, don't only give to your self, Stop being so self centered, you have a responsibility.

Me: If you had a chance to have all gang members to hear your voice what will you tell them?

Mr.Kelp Lenane: Tell them why street gangs started and it was to help the community.

Me: How are you helping the Community?

Mr. Kelp Lenane: I am helping by teaching and doing Fundraisers.

Madea is Back!

Pre-Writing Questions:

1. What are you going to write about? I am going to write about Madea Neighbors From Hell and Madea Big Happy Family

2. Who is your intended audience for this story? (Who would this story be relevant to?) This Story is relevant to everybody whose hurting.

3. How are you going to make your story interesting to your readers? I'm going to make this interesting by telling you how to handle some stuff.

Have you ever seen Madea Neighbors from Hell it's about a lady who act like she was a Godly women and she took some kids in and she was only doing it for the money and she beat the kids everyt

Keep a Smile on Your Face By:Davona Williams

The world today is crazy. Things are crazy with teens going through so much. Mothers are acting like their they’re 5 instead of their actual age. Daddies are walking out of on their families. Disease is rising upon people, but yet they still smile. Teens are carrying babies when they are babies theirselves themselves, they go through so much struggling to make it every day. Struggling to eat and fighting to fight their pain. Sometimes they get so depressed they end up killing themselves and giving up on life. There is one thing they don't understand: they need a smile to get through life.Teens go through more in life that it to help set them up for the future and to help those that are going through the same things they went through. Many older people think that all teens are the same. They think teens are disrespectful, book dumb, on the streets, and girls are fast and give their body up and boys sell drugs and is are in gangs. It’s not true. I know people that go to school on time, have good grades and respect all people whether or not they like them or not.Our world now is reckless and fearful with H.I.V AIDS, drugs, gun use, mental, physical, and emotional abuse, just to name a few. A lot of teens have a lot on their plate, but yet once again they are being judged just from the outside.When everybody is outsider looking in on their life , no one can control what goes on in someone else life. Life is like a road, you keep driving but then there's a bump in the road and you have to do the best you can. For example my dance teacher named Nieta, she been through this whole little road where she had pain but the doctor wasn't able to tell her want what was wrong.End with a statement on how you no matter how hard the world is, for an adult or a teenager, you need to rise above it and stay strong; you need to keep a smile on your face.

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