School in 2020

Chapter 10 - Education
ITGS - Alvin Phanh


There will be a lot more options for the interactive whiteboards. The resolution will be a lot better. The board will be a lot more responsive and faster. Students will be able to interact with the board on their computers, tablets, or any other devices. Right now, there are not many features that teachers are using on a daily basis. However; once they learn how to utilize this tool in place of worksheets, money and paper can be saved, students will participate and interact with each other a lot more, and boring lectures can be avoided.


School districts will be able to afford to buy faster tablets at a lower price in 2020. School districts may be able assign tablets to each student so that they can bring it home and use educational apps. Although this can cost a lot of money and school districts might run the risk of having their tablets stolen, the idea of assigning tablets can also be beneficial. School districts can save money, prevent loss of school work, track a student's study time, and other things that can help improve a student's education.

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