The Awesome Harriet Tubman


Harriet Tubman is helping people and leading them to the underground railroad.


Hi my name is Savannah and i'm going to tell you about Harriet Tubman.I'm going to tell you her early life,why she is famous,interesting facts. Early life

Harriet Tubman's real name was Araminta Ross.At age 11 she worked for a weaver.At age 12 she changed her name to Harriet Tubman.when she worked for the weaver she got the measles.when she felt better she started to work as a babysitter and a housekeeper. Harriet Tubman saw a overseer trying to tie up a young the young slave broke free and ran away.The overseer tried to throw a heavy weight at the young slave,but hit Harriet Tubman instead.She was badly hurt.

Interesting Facts

Harriet Tubman decided to run away,so she went to someone she knew she could get help from.Once she found who she was looking for she got help and they were taking her to Philadelphia.

Why Harriet Tubman is famous

Harriet Tubman is famous because she helped slaves go to the Underground Railroad and, she even went through all that trouble just to save the slaves so that they can be free and not treated badly.


One of Harriet Tubman's accomplishments is that she helped people go through the Under ground Railroad and no one got hurt.It was a very challenging job especially the slaves because they had to make sure they were safe even when they stopped to rest or eat because someone could get stolen or hurt.

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