The Mongol Empire

Mongols and Yuan dynasty


In the 110os Temujin became Genghis Khan. He organized the Mongols into a powerful military, enforced strict discipline, and demanded loyalty. He conquered over half of Asia. After Genghis Khans death he had his sons and grandsons rule. They separated the conquered land into four parts. After conquering land the Mongols ruled rather peacefully and even let old rulers still rule as long as they paid a tribute to the Mongols.

Yuan dynasty

In 1279 Kublai Khan one of the Mongols leaders took over the last Song ruler and created the Yuan dynasty. Kublai adopted many of the Chinese culture and did not force the Chinese to adopt the Mongol way of life. He moved the capital near modern day Beijing. Although he respected the Chinese and even adopted their ways the Chinese could still not be apart of the government and were heavily taxed. Kublai Khan tried to expand the Yuan dynasty but failed in almost all of his attempts. In 1294 Khan died and power struggles erupted with no one to lead the people the Yuan dynasty ended

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