Come Home

Please Taylor

Dear Taylor,

Do you ever miss us? Do you ever want to come home? Do you ever wonder what we are doing?

The longer you wait the harder time you will have coming home. Mommy and Paga will not forgive easily. We will be really upset with you. You really hurt us.

You will have less to spend with us. I will have to much homework. Maddie died and you were gone. Grandma is old and you might not see her again.

What you are choosing. You could have come and talked to us but you did not want to. Your “Dad” is not keeping you from us you are staying. You could respond but you are not.

Come home. We have so much fun together. We love to paint nails. We like to play ghost in the graveyard. We love swimming together. We miss and love you Taylor! Come home!

Love, Banana

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