Reform Movements

By: Peyton Bethke

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Prison and Asylum Reform

Dorothea Dix was the first to start the Prison and Asylum reform. She said just by bettering the conditions of the inmates, showed people that being mental wasn't all incurable. She stated that some may say these things cannot be changed these furious maniacs are not to be raised from these base conditions. She wanted the mentally insane become normal again. In the end Dorothea finally got library's in the prisons and also helped build multiple mental hospitals.

Temperance Reform

It emerged because Amelia Bloomer thought that the other people were living in an immoral manner. They also thought that god would no longer bless them. Amelia wanted people to drink less alcohol. In 1919 she accomplished that no more alcoholic beverages were to be sold, but that changed in 1933.

Education Reform

Horace Mann helped promot the education reform, because ther were a lot of people that were poor with  low level education. He belied he could help poverty if people had better educations. He had found a way to make a new system where teachers could get a higher pay, kids could get higher education, and more public schools were established, they also made a couple of schools/ communities for women in Africa.


Fredrick Douglass help the abolition reform emerge because people were already against slavery before the American Revolution. He wanted to make sure that all of the African Americans were treated equally. He successfully made sure that women could vote and also made sure that slavery went a lot down in the North.

Women's Rights

Susan B. Anthony played a key role in Women's rights. She believed that all women should be treated as equally as men. It took her a while but she finally started new movements and writing the speeches for Women's Rights.

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