the absolutely true diary of a part time indian michael mccowin

march 24 2015
tough questions

my tough question is how can a kid get a proper education? By the way junior describes it his teacher Mr.P does not care care about his job. Junior says that he always forgets to come to school that he always sleeps in and shows up in his pajamas and slippers. Also in my opinion it sounds like junior is more distracted by girls and porn rather than his school work. He also says something about leaving the reservation he does not go into great detail but he says a little about it.

march 25 2015
words of the wiser

In the second chapter our main character Junior is talking about his teacher named Mr. P. He goes on to say why Mr. P is such a bad teacher but then Junior does something pretty bad himself. He throws a book at Mr. P. The book breaks his nose and Junior is sent home. While he is home Mr. P walks to his house sits down and has a conversation with Junior. "I don't know why you threw a book at me but you did. I am furious at you and I want to throw a book right back at you. But I feel like I've killed so many Indians that I don't want to do that. Not litterarly killed but destroyed who they are. I am still mad at you but i forgive you even though I don't think I should but I do."

march 26 2015
aha moment

I choose aha moment because Junior is realizing that Rowdy is a bad person. Whenever Junior tells Rowdy that he is changing schools Rowdy reacts in a way Junior does not expect him to. Rowdy becomes hysterical and even punches Junior in the mouth. Junior even offers Rowdy to go to the new school with him but Rowdy turns it down and basically tells Junior that he's a jerk and that Junior always thought he was better than Rowdy it get intense. That's when Junior realizes Rowdy is not a good person and he deserves better than that guuuuuuurl.

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