Importance of Design in iPhone Mobile Applications

Things that gives pleasure to eye are beautiful, and people usually prefer them over those that are not. This concept works almost in every prospect in this world now.

For example –previously websites were built just for conveying the information or as a tool, but with technological advancement people start providing the same with eye catching designs. With attractively designed websites, preference of user shifted to websites that provide their desired feature with stunning interface and graphics.

The world is moving mobile and now people prefer to do big part of their work via mobile devices. Since the screen size of mobile devices is smaller comparatively to desktop/laptop, the way content is presented over screen matters a lot.

Especially when you are working for iPhone, most popular and revenue generating smartphone on globe, having ~326 ppi pixel density you need to be very careful building the interface for users.

Apple app store, iTunes, has largest collection of applications for their user. And from researches it is found that iPhone user love exploring more and more apps for their needs.

With highly competitive iOS app market has a punch line –there is an app for that. Additionally I would like to include there are alternative for apps too. If the design of your app do not have great UI/UX then user will most probably switch to those that are stunningly designed with good UI/UX.

Message: A stunning design doesn’t mean full of bright colors or too much of creativity, the purpose for every app is different and it should be done in a way that it serves the purpose.

For example - in content apps, even a creative wireframe does the work on the other hand apps full of color and animation is requirement.


As an extract I will say that mobile apps for iPhone devices should be designed beautifully and elegantly, understanding targeted user and purpose of the app, with right type, and color codes.