Alianza Valle

The Trip

                                                                                                                     18 March 2014

On Saturday my family and I went to Alianza, the village were my dad was born and were we have a house. In Alianza if very hot, and it is in fair.

At 5 oclock in the morning we arrived to Alianza valle, we were gonna be sitting down for 3 hours and 30 minutes. Good thing of sitting 3 hours and 30 minutes was because we were going in the red car, the peugeot. The red car was better because it had better sits, better airconditioneded and has more space. We were going in 2 cars, the red and the gray car and I went on the red car.

When I got to Alianza I saw the fair, it had a fortune wheel, fake shooting and selling spots. I also saw the princess of the village and places were they selled food.

In the house, I prepared my stuf to go to the river, the river divides El Salvador from Honduras. I had bath in that river for like 20 times in my whole life because is clean water. But the bad thing about the river is that it has branches and a 40% of rocks.
After bathing in the river I dressed up in the house and brush my teeth to sleep good in the night.