My Season

     On a warm day, you can smell the fresh cut grass of your neighbors lawn and you just take a breath to breath it in. Then when you're done playing outside on a hot day you smell like sweat (deodorant helps with that). Then when you want to cool down after that sweat, you walk in the gate of your neighborhood pool the smell hits you like a wave, the chlorine and sunscreen hits you and you know you're at the pool.

     When you walk outside on a cool morning on your porch to drink your coffee you look out and see the trees green and full and the clear blue sky up above you. Then you put on your gardening gloves to go tend to your garden you see all your flowers in full bloom and you're vegetables all ready to pick. Then in the afternoon after your delicious fresh garden dinner, you go and hang out by the pool. You see all the neighborhood kids jumping in the pool and tanning.

     While you're outside reading a novel you hear the screams and shouts of the neighbors kids playing outside with their friends. And in the distance you hear the lawn mower going of the guy who does his lawn like every three days. You also hear the slight breeze rustling the trees vibrant green leaves and the new generation of birds hatching.

     You go inside to make your favorite dinner, steak tacos, and you get the meat out of the fridge and the jalapenos, cilantro, and garlic. You mash the garlic, cilantro and jalapenos in the bowl and then rub it on the steak the you take that big fat steak out to the grill and cook it. After its medium rare you take it off and let it sit for a few minutes. Then you cut into that pink steak and put it in taco shells. Then for dessert you have mint-chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone.

     After your daily morning run you feel awake for the rest of the day. Then you go to the pool later to go and take a swim and you jump into the cool water while it's scorching outside and you feel cool and fresh. after a few laps of swimming you get out to go and tan. After laying there for a while you start to feel hot with the blazing sun beating down on your skin and decide to leave the pool.

     In this season it is searing, and the way to cool down is by; 1. going to the pool or 2. turning on your air conditioning and 3. buy a fan. In this season you can get some rain storms and pop ups but its mostly boiling.

     And when you see, hear, taste, and smell these things you know its that season.

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