Memory Book


I have felt joy on many various ocassions, including when I went to Costa Rica for my birthday last year. I felt really happy when we went ziplining for miles across the volcanic mountains. Jonas felt love when the Giver gave him the memory of  the holiday where the family was around the fire.

"Jonas nodded.'I liked the feeling of love,' he confessed."                                                                (Lowry,126)

In the mountains of Costa Rica, I have my gear on for ziplining.


I have been frustrated many times in my life. I remember one time in my life when I could not get past this level on this online game and I must have replayed that level 40 or 50 times before I asked my brother to do it and he beat it on his second try.

"Jonas sighed. It was no use. Of course Asher couldn't understand.'I accept your apology, Asher,' he said wearily."                                                                                                                         (Lowry,134)


Confusion is a part of my lifestyle and is not going away anytime soon. I am confused a lot of times, especially when I try to guess who I am on the phone with. One time I guessed my grandma when it was actually on of my mom's friends. Oops.

"He did not know what his selection meant. He did not know what he was to become."      (Lowry, 64)