By Monique Mckenzie !

I chose this picture because it represents "teamwork"

This picture represents teamwork because they are all working together to do surgery on someone.

With this picture i edited it bye changing the colour i used a hugh effect

this is a picture of young children showing "teamwork"

This is a picture of young children showing teamwork because they are on stilts and the have to work together to move.

With this picture i used an chloe effect in unicolour, than i added a flim border.

this photo shows teamwork because the dog is holding the milk bottle so the lamb can drink  

this photo shows you how the dog is feeding the lamb this is "teamwork"

In this picture i edited it by putting a border on it and changed the effect it was a Robert affect then i added a taika border.

this photo is a representation of "teamwork"

This photo represents teamwork because they need to work as a team and row so they can move and go faster.

In this picture i edited it by adding an effect and making the effect brighter.

this is my teamwork collage i put some of my photos together and added a big teamwork sign in the middle.

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