The evolution of fashion

Fashion changes every decade
In medeival times, certain colors represented royalty.
You can see radial symmetry in this renaissance painting.
In the 1700s, women's fashion emphasized the hips, making it the focal point.
In the 1900s, dresses were simple and economized.
In the 1920s, patterns were simple.The shape of women's dresses were less conservative and you start to see asymmetrical balance.
High-waisted belts emerge in the 1930s creating a horizontal line between the hips and the chest.
Due to the war, fashion in the 1940s was less glamorous. Plain, symmetrical outfits are worn.
Stripes emerge in the 1950s. There are vertical, horizontal, and diagonal stripes.
Bright colors(light values) arrive in the 60s. Women's clothing aimed to accentuate figure & make women's shape look petite & proportionate
In the 70s, you see random rhythm patterns.
In the 80s, the jumpsuits emerge. The cloth is the same texture of a windbreaker or waterproof jacket.
The 1990s has lines and baggy clothing with space between patterns
2000s didn't show unity. the pieces are seperated. The length is much shorter than previous measures.
2010 shows clothing with more precision. There is a lot of variation in styles.
This pattern shows circles, lines, and triangles.

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