Morfran the Monster

The Hell-Dwelling Morfran

This is Morfran. This creature's name comes from a Celtic term which means "mythical ugly demon" It is feared across the country because of his death dealing strikes and his terrifying appetite of human flesh. It is said that all that look upon this foul monster freeze with terror before it pounces upon them and rips the mere human to pieces.

Background and History

Everyone knows who Morfran is, but where did he come from? Legend has it that it was formed from combining an ogre, minotaur and a demon into one body. It was said to have been created by an unknown god to punish the sinners in a town in what would be England, but the situation soon got out of control. The beast became too powerful and the careless god let it get far out of control. The monster fled the area and 100 men followed in pursuit. The next night the monster surprised them while they slept and slaughtered all but one so its deeds could strike terror throughout the country side.

After that the beast wasn't seen again for nearly a year. The native people prayed that it had left the area and they would never have to deal with its acts of horror again. However they couldn't have been more wrong because exactly one year after that massacre it stuck again, feasting on anyone who could not escape. It remains to this day that on the anniversary of that day the beast reappears and  attacks once more. All courageous warriors who dared go after it were never heard from again.


Morfran has been described as a ten foot tall monster with large razor-sharp horns protruding from its head. Legend has it that in addition to Morfran's three life taking claws, it also has two large spiked clubs attached to another set of arms which is can use to crush any set of armor flat. The monster's large feet and bull like legs allow it to run up to speeds of 15 meters per second, outrunning any warrior. The most terrifying aspect of this creature is its large man eating mouth. This mouth has multiple sets of razor sharp teeth to shred the beast's prey.

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