Water Ecosystems

By Jennifer Huynh

  Different Types of  Water Ecosystems

Do you know what a water ecosystem is?    A water ecosystem is all the living and nonliving  things in an area that interact with each other near or in the water.   Ocean ecosystems have saltwater, waves, and some  of the animals and plants that live there are sharks, dolphins, starfish, kelp, and all types of fish. Stream ecosystems have freshwater that runs along the streams. Some of the animals and plants that live in stream ecosystems are crayfish, trout, catfish, and moss. moss is a type of fungus that can attach itself to the rocks in the stream. Ponds have freshwater that is very still. Some animals and plants that live there are frogs, salamanders, leeches, cattails, and water lilies. Water lilies only grow in still water. Lakes are like very small oceans, but have freshwater.  Lakes may or may not have waves due to the wind.  Because lakes are large and deep, their water temperatures varies throughout, which means the deeper you go the darker  and colder the water gets.  Estuaries are water ecosystems freshwater AND saltwater. They occur where freshwater from a river that meets saltwater from the ocean. Some animals that live in estuaries are oysters, clams, snails, crab, shrimp and fish. Some Ocean ecosystems are the coral reef coral reef, the open ocean, and the deep sea. The shore ecosystem is where the ocean meets land. ocean waves wash over this area. Another ocean ecosystem is the coral reef. Coral is a living thing that has a hard outer shell and tentacles that can sting.         http://environmentissues-rachael.blogspot.com

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