The Seven Themes of
Social Teaching
By: Duke

Rights and responsbilites  

I think this meaning means people having rights to walk in a book store or becoming a cop an responbilites to have a puppy or own job this is for children and adults

This website is for people that should have human rights so you can donate to and help people get human rights

Caring for God's Creation

Caring for God's creation by not littering and helping to keep all resources tidy and not chopped down

This organisation helps birds and wildlife and help other kids to learn about how to help God's creation

Option for he poor and the vulnerable   

we need to help the poor to get up on their feet to help all people have a life

This website help the poor by giving them food and oys to do stuff their.


We people around the world shoul people respect where you come from your skin line is diffrent we are all the same people

This website resembles how in the 1960's of th civi rights movment but his website helps people around the world to be free even in America

The dignity of working rights

This means that work should be the same for every peron a fsir amount of money a fair amount of work time and o not fire people just bcause they are diffrent and don't quit job because you don't  want one you will b poor and God wants everyone to be equeal

This website help people to get paid overtime because if you work extra long you get money but people havent been geting money and etc

Call to family, friends, and comunity

This way of catholic social teaching is to reach out to a family member or friend and if you need help with your life or your house burnt to the ground

this website helps people when a tornado or a tropical  forecast  that destroys many houses they come and help those people

Life and dignity for a person

Everyone should be treated as equals with working caring for everyone and more instead of having war against other people or still having rights for second class people

This website shows people it a better place when thier. Is no war or human rights yo respect one another