Animal Testing In Cosmetics

Many different types of animals are used in testing cosmetics, and they are abused simply because countries haven't passed a law against animal testing.

Albino Rabbits are used in testing mascara, there are many alternatives to animal testing in mascara, and it isn't fair that companies still use animals when there are other methods that are more effective, efficient, humane, and safe.

Today, scientists have developed and validated alternative methods shown to lead to safer and more effective products and drugs for humans than animal testing. For example, skin corrosivity and irritation can be easily measured using three-dimensional human skin equivalent systems such as EpiDerm and SkinEthic.

P & G's Call To End Animal Testing

P & G recruited scientists and invested in labs that their main goal is to help eliminate the use of animals in toxicology studies. They have been trying to find alternatives for over 40 years, and have been successful to find ways that save animals' lives to safely test cosmetics. The vice president of P & G said, "We believe that ending animal testing is a benefit for all consumers, animal welfare, and the industry. We are committed to the ultimate elimination of all animal testing." They have four statements, the four R's of alternatives. 1. Replacement of an animal test by a non-animal test. 2. Refinement of an animal test. 3. Reduction in the number of animals used.

Countries Against Animal Testing

Animal testing has been banned in European Union, Norway, Isreal, and India. They have officially made it illegal to test animals in the country, and sell products that have been tested on animals. The United States, Australia, and New Zealand are now considering the idea of putting a ban on animal testing.


Below is a list of cosmetic brands from 2014 that does not test any of their products on animals. is a website that supports animals' rights and believes that animals should not be unnecessarily harmed by any means in the testing of cosmetics.

Is Animal Testing Even Necessary?

It is often said by cosmetic companies that animal testing is still necessary for advancements of new products, but with recent adaptations in technology that isn't true. Scientists have discovered new ways to test makeup and other cosmetics without harming any animals. There are laboratories that have started testing irritation and toxicity on microbes instead of using real skin. These experiments are more accurate than testing on rabbits, mice, rats, etc. Rodents and other small animals do not react the same way that humans do, so it's unnecessary to contine testing on animals.