Vietnam War


Who or which countries was involved in the Vietnam War?

This was a war between communist country North Vietnam, backed by the Soviet Union, China, and North Korea, and anti-communist country South Vietnam, backed by the United States, South Korea, and France. (There are many countries not named.)

What was the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War was a war and a conflict between communist and anti-communist countries, taking place after World War II.

Why did this war take place?

After WWII, the Soviet Union rose in power, which was a threat to the United States and it's western allies. The turning point came when China started supporting communism under Mao ZeDong. America then started gradually supporting South Vietnam  in the conflict with North Vietnam. It was part of the strategy in trying to stop communism from spreading that this war came to be.

Where did this war take place?

Most of the battles fought during this war were in South Vietnam and it's surrounding countries.

When did the Vietnam War start and end?

The United States did not become fully involved as a military force until 1965, 11 years after the French started fighting North Vietnam. Overall, the Vietnam War lasted 30 years from 1946 - 1975.

Extra: Back in the United States, many citizens believed that this was a pointless war, and America had nothing to do with it. There were many demonstrations and protests.


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