Surfing the Four Corners

The Journey of being a surf seeker and living in Exeter

Uluwatu, Bali, 2005

For the love of waves

Hey my name is Neil and I enjoy living in Exeter, Devon with my girlfriend Stacey and our dog Vito, I have two children Nat and Erin too but sadly they live a long way away and I get to see them every other weekend. We also have two horses called Michael and Teddy but this isn't about me or them really so that's all I'll say on the matter.

My Surfing History

Since starting to surf living in Torbay and having to travel for my sport I've thought that I'd like to make a documentary about what it's like to live away from consistent waves and highlight the positive aspects that this can have for. I have had the pleasure of staying and living right in front of some amazing breaks around the globe. I even managed to pull off going to University while living in Newquay and had a year out living in Margaret River WA plus the obligatory holidays to France and Indo. But there comes a time when finally one must lay some roots and it seems just 20 miles from the place I grew up in I would find that place right here. Oh ok so that was more about me but honest this really isn't about me per se.

St.Agnes, Kernow, 2013

What is Four Corners?

Apart from the amount of money I spend on fuel getting to the waves I love living in the city and travelling to wherever takes my fancy on any given day. I don't feel like a local at any particular spot, I feel at home at every spot right around the coast from Lynmouth to Bantham and I am able to make the most of this generalised location by going wherever I think is good on that given day.  So what I'd like to do with this is to make it a surfing diary sharing video, pictures, spots and epic days from the Four Corners of South-West England. I know from experience this variety isn't enjoyed so much if you live next to the sea and getting a session at your local spot on an average day is preferable to driving for two hours for something that might or might not be just a bit better. Don't get me wrong though, being at the beach within minutes of waking up and not even starting your car is generally preferable but.....

This is how long it takes to get to different spots

  • 1:30 Lynmouth
  • 1:30 Croyde
  • 1:15 Bude
  • 1:30 Polzeath
  • 1:30 Newquay
  • 2:00 Gwithian
  • 2:30 Sennen
  • 1:00 Plymouth area
  • 0:40 Bantham
  • 1:30 Dorset area

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