How can one person change the world???

Brooklyn J. Tompkin

How can one person change the world?One thing that would really help is being courageous.Also you need to have leadership.Also you should be passionate about what it is you are doing.These are some things that could help you if you want if you want to help change the world.

Rosa Parks is a very good example.She stood up for what she thought was right.If it wasn't for her, life wouldn't be the way it is today.Rosa was brave and courageous.She showed leadership in everything she did.Also Rosa showed passion for what she believed in.

By refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a bus,Rosa was taken to jail.Rosa sparked in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement.witch led to the 1995-1996 bus boycott.Many believe that this inspired Martin Luther King Jr.This is how she started the change in history.

Rosa was born on February,4 1913 in Tuskegee Alabama.She briefly attended Alabama state teachers college.Rosa got married in 1932 to Raymond Parks, a barber. She worked as a steam stress, and became active in the NAACP. These are some facts about Rosa life.

Rosa moved to Detroit,Michigan,in 1957. She worked in the office of Michigan congressman from 1965 until she remained in 1988. Rosa still remained active in the NAACP,and other civil right groups.The southern christian helper ship council established the Rosa Parks freedom award in her honor.In 1997 the NAACP awarded her its springarn medal.

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