The Pros and Cons of is a website that allows you to use images and video content to give quick and simple information on a certain topic. Of course everything comes with a positive and negative aspect (Improvement is always needed!) So that is what I am going to discuss today. Let's get started!


As to almost every website there is fees included! This website would be more appealing if it offered more access to the other features but due to its 'premium membership' it does not allow you to experience the full potential of the website. I would recommend at least a small trail of the membership as just buying it without an ideal image is one thing that drives people away to another site that's free.

Another is that it does not provide a tour to it's many options. People of all ages, not just teenagers, will use this website. Not everyone is a expert to knowing the wheres and hows right away. Not having this can cause more confusion and less of a good impression on the customer.

Pros gives a fresh look which attracts more people towards it since it is quite unique when compared to other websites! Since it's more modern and updated, younger generations are more likely to encourage this sort of thing.

I can't forget to mention that creating a brand new account is quite easy and simple to make without too much hassle we have all experienced more than once before! No long and dull procedures and security questions asking if you're a robot! It's quite a relief!

I also have to admit that the overall product does look more professional and the audience is given more interactiveness with the product!


In conclusion, is a innovative and refreshing new website! Improvement is needed for simplicity but starting off as a new site, it's off to a good start!