In a World of Pure Imagination

Nicki Minaj first appeared on the rap scene in 2004, although she didn't start to gain popularity until four years later.  In 2008, Nicki successfully won Female Artist of the Year at the Underground Music Awards.  Nicki Minaj finally broke out on the forefront of rap music in 2010 with her debut album, Pink Friday, which sold 375,000 copies in its first week and hit the number 2 spot on the Billboard Albums Chart.  Since then, Nicki has only continued to rise to the top.

"Fantasy Was My Reality."

Nicki's quote is simple, yet encompasses the entirety of free thought.  Nicki lives a life of fantasy that is full of imagination and creativity.  The clothes she wears, the lyrics she writes, and the character she has all shape the way she lives.  Free thought is her reality and how she expresses herself.


Nicki Minaj has always been known for her refusal to conform to society's standards.  Growing up in a rough environment, Nicki had to overcome struggles that she faced in not conforming to the same paths that had led her father to be abusive and an alcoholic.   After entering her music career, neon wigs and an overall outgoing style proved, and still continue to prove, that Nicki has stepped out of the box and made a name for herself in the world of whimsy.  She not only expresses a radical personality, but also exhibits a determination to shake the primarily male-dominated genre of rap music.  Nicki has earned a reputation as "...a killer lyricist and a dynamic rhymer," and it has been said that she has " unique a style as we've seen in the rap world." ("Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday: The Reviews Are In!")  A hardcore rap artist like Nicki is almost entirely unheard of in the world of rap music, and it is by this standard that Nicki breaks the rules of conformity.

Free Thought

Every thing about Nicki Minaj screams free thought.  Her style is loud and crazy, and she lives a life full of imagination.  One of Nicki's standout qualities expressing free thought is that she has created many alter egos to depict each aspect of her unique personality.  Nicki made these alter egos as a creative solution to keep herself " from whatever pressures and stresses are encountered in tense situations," which are very common in the music business. ("Nicki Minaj: What’s Her deal?")


Nicki Minaj has always been a woman of confidence.  Though there is an entire domain of male rappers and traditionalists bent on driving her out of the music business, Nicki "...represents the female gender," and is out to overshadow everyone else. ( "Nikki Minaj Excited About Billboard Success." ) Coming into the rap genre, "There were a lot of odds against her, and she defeated all of that...." ( "Nikki Minaj Excited About Billboard Success." )  Nicki's confidence is evident in many of her song lyrics.  In her song "Go Hard", Nicki sings "I won't let you get to me," and "I'm still the one to beat." ("Go Hard Lyrics.")  These lyrics clearly express the confidence that she has about who she is and her position as a rapper.

"Society acquires new arts, and loses old instincts."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson's quote based on free thought expresses exactly what Nicki Minaj lives for.  Society's old standards become modernized or forgotten in the wake of creative and inventive thinking.  Nicki Minaj is a staunch supporter of living a life centered on imagination and free thought.  Nicki has always been innovative, and demonstrates this quality in her unique style, whimsical lyrics and peculiar, multiple personalities.  Nicki's storming of the male-dominated rap genre contributes to her strong expression of free thought, by showing that she truly believes in thinking freely and has done so herself, with the intentions of achieving success in a business where few women have ever gone before.

Nicki Minaj has set a well-rounded transcendental example for society.  Through her popularity, her expressions of confidence, nonconformity, and free thought have encouraged others to also act the same way.  Her confidence contributes to the empowerment of women, and shows other women that men are not superior.  Nicki's nonconformity sets a special example for the young people of society who are still trying to figure themselves out.  By her precedent, unsure people don't have to feel afraid to express their own personalities.  Most importantly, Nicki's expression of free thought has shown the world that anything is believable and creativity is the key to succcess.

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