Classroom Tour

One of my main goals for my classroom is that it is interactive, and everything I include serves a functional purpose.  I want my students to learn from simply looking around or interacting with our classroom.  I also want the setup of the classroom to facilitate the style of my teaching.

Enjoy a tour of OUR Classroom!

Interactive Idiom Charts

Idiom Charts

Each week I teach my students a new idiom.  We discuss the figurative and literal meaning.  This area of my classroom is a reference point for my students, and we chart who has incorporated an idiom into their writing or classroom speaking.  If I hear or read an idiom that a child used they get to add their name to the chart.

Anchor Charts and Homework Number Line

As incentive for homework my classes race to 100 on the number line.  Each week I determine the class average for completed homework.  They then move a set number of spaces depending on their average.  Whichever class gets to 100 first receives a reward.  The students love to see their cars moving down the number line.

Throughout the year my students and I create anchor charts to help anchor their learning. I keep a large portion of my room available for displaying the anchor charts.

Important Information Board

This  board is the hub of our classroom.  I post all important information in this board like:

  • daily schedule
  • rotation schedule
  • citizen creeds
  • make- up work (clear files)

Writing Word Wall

This word wall has been one of the best purchases I have ever made for my classroom.  It is broken into categories, and my students use it daily.  At the beginning of the year I spent a few minutes over a week teaching my students each category and how to use it to enhance their writing.  My students have also used it during reading when they evaluate a character or emotions.

Supply Center

My students are responsible for their own supplies.  This is where a I keep extra supplies that we need daily.  Our supply manager checks supplies and refills them when needed.  This keeps my classroom running smoothly with very few interruptions.

I Spy...Figurative Language Board

Figurative language is difficult for many fourth graders, so we use this board to work on it all year.  As my students find figurative language in independent reading they write it on a sticky note and attach it the board.  Regularly we meet as a class and discuss the meaning of the figurative language they have found.

Leveled Library

Our classroom library is level by guided reading levels and genres.  My students check out book using an online checkout system.

Student Work Board

We display our great work on this board.  The balloons in the center are from a project we did at the beginning of the school year.  We wrote year long academic, citizenship and life goals using the Dr. Seuss book Oh, the Places You'll Go! They are displayed all year, because we write smaller goals to help us reach our year long goals.  I love it when a student rereads what they wrote on their balloon, to make sure their small goal will help them reach their year goal.

The other work displayed in this picture is a Frayer model we created to analyze a lyrical poem.  

Class Data Board

On this board we keep our major grade graphs, individual student goals chart and a weekly graph of students who made a 100.  We update the graph weekly.  Since, my students take part in collecting their own data for daily grades as well as major grades, they are able to write their own goals for Reading, Writing and Fluency.  

Student Storage

I manage student supplies a variety of ways.  At each table group there are colored cubbies (the color of the cubby is how my students identify their group).  We keep  interactive journals, writing folders and book bags in their cubby.  At each table there is also a caddy that has scissors, pencils, pens, glue and crayons.  Each table group has a manager for these supplies. My homeroom also uses tote trays to keep their additional supplies.  They may retrieve materials from their tote tray before class.