Are you a loyal Gmail user?

Here is the Good news for you!!

Gmail is one of the most infamous and widely used webmail services worldwide. It has over billion of monthly active users and according to the recent estimations around 60 per cent of SMEs in the United States were using Gmail. Adding on Gmail becomes the first application in the Google Play Store to top one billion installations on Android devices. It’s a great achievement in itself.

Gmail has integrated some really awesome features in its latest update. Now the users will be able to receive attachments up to 50 MB and send the files up to 25 MB in a single mail. No more crafting multiple emails for one task.

Earlier, Google increased the limit for attachments in incoming emails up to 25 MB in a single email. But, it has doubled the size of incoming email up to 50 MB and send files to the limit of 25 MB. Now the users will be able to share more photos, files or other downloads through emails than ever before.

Moreover, Gmail now let the video streaming directly on the mail. The users don’t need to download the attachment for viewing it. When anybody receives any email with a video attachment, they will be now able to see a thumbnail of the video and option to stream it directly.

In case, the user wants to send bigger files more than 25 MB, they’ll need to use Google Drive, where subscribers can send files up to 5TB in size. Talking about the direct streaming feature, it uses the same streamlining infrastructure like YouTube, Google Drive, so the videos are delivered at optimum quality and availability.

So, update your Gmail App to the latest version and enjoy these amazing features.

How to Update Gmail App to the latest Version?

Updating Gmail the latest version isn’t a rocket science; you can do it by following the easy steps mentioned below:

  • Tap on the Google Play Store on your Android device
  • Tap on the Menu button
  • Then, Tap on the My apps & games.
  • You would be able to see the list of apps available with the label "Update."
  • Scroll down to select Gmail
  • Tap on the Update button
  • After the successful updating
  • Tap on the app to open

Hope the above-mentioned steps help you to update the Gmail Android app to the latest version In case, you find any trouble to install the app; contact Gmail Customer support number for instant solutions. The technical experts working for Gmail Customer Support are available round the clock to offer technical support to the Gmail users.

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