Athletic Trainer


An Athletic Trainer is a Heath Care professional who in the field of sport medicine(Athletic Training) It has  been recognized by the AMA(American Medical Association) since 1990.

Reason we have Athletic Trainer we need heath care professorial to treating our injury and help us come back from a injury and without it became really hard to come back.

Fun Fact- March is also  National Athletic Trainers Month.

Why we  really need Athletic trainer!

Waring! some are  very graphically!

Not only Sport has only athletic Trainer.Since The high injury rate during Military Training cause the hiring of Trainer to the Armed Forces. The Ballet and NASA also need Athletic Trainer too

Here what trainers use

Rigidlite Tactical

Rigidlite SimPak

Rigidite Pods

Jumbo Kit

Height rod


They are responsible for

Develop Overall sports Medicine Programs

Record keeping and documentation

Attend at  Athletic Completion and practice.

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