Tiara's Values ;*

I value being able to capture moments and have memories.

I value my family and friends. I can always turn to them and know they will be there for me. Even if it is just to talk.

I value being able to say I moved to New Hampshire for 5 and a half years because it made me the person I am today.

I value being an American and not in a country where my rights are limited.

I value my mother for giving me a chance at life. I love her.

I value my education because without it I would have no knowledge or a chance to be successful.

I value my Nona, the chance to meet my great grandmother is a chance I will always value. Some people don't get to meet theirs. My Nona was the best women in the world and influenced my life a lot. Now that she has pass I have unforgettable memories with her. She is my motivation to succeed and for her and my family I will keep striving to the TOP !

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3 years ago

Tiara, nice work! It looks like the layout of your tackk had some things in the wrong order, but I was able to figure out what goes where. You clearly labeled five values and gave beautiful explanations for each.