The Shield

Allison blount & shelby owens

The shield, is a type of contraceptive put in place by the woman before intercourse, and is generally used with spermicide. The shield is generally effective in preventing accidental pregnancies, but when studied 15 women out of 100 were impregnated. The shield fits tightly against the cervix and it keeps the sperm from moving on farther than the cervix. Also, using spermicide along with the shield can keep the sperm from moving toward an egg. The shield is for female use only! Some of the side effects of the shield are discomfort for both the male and female. Some women also reported Urinary Tract Infections and yeast infections. There are truthfully no serious health risks with the shield. It must be left in its position for at least 8 hours after sex, but it cannot be left in for more than 48 hours. The shield does not protect against most STD's.

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