Engineering Towers

Session One -

During session one, you draw three sketches for your tower. Then you select the one you feel will be the strongest. You learn about load and how it relates to construction.

Session Two -

Have your sketch approved by the teacher. Then you can begin transferring the sketch onto the bigger paper. Learn about forces upon structures.

Session Three -

After transferring the design over, you start construction on the first side of the tower. You also learn how to make your tower stronger.

Session Four -You continue to construct your towers. Start on the other sides. Also learn how towers help other things.

Session Five - Continue construction on all sides of the towers.

Session Six - Continue and finish the construction on all sides of the tower.

Session Seven - After construction on all sides of the tower, you assemble them together. Next you weigh your tower to see if it qualifies for testing.

Career Fields - Mechanical engineering


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