Autonomous University of Sinaloa

University City  (C.U.)

The autonomous University of Sinaloa has many schools in different areas of Culiacán, the area has the highest concentration is known as CU campus

University City has 46 facilities , which include 10 faculties , eight schools that do not yet have a category of power but are university courses has tennis , gym , theater, academic tower , libraries , computer centers and others.

Every faculty of the university has different characteristics in the design and spread of areas , it can be clearly seen in the images

Faculty of Architecture


In the picture below is the rear facade of the halls of the Faculty of Biochemistry , Jan seen this exact structural form of all classrooms CU because even has different characteristics faculties in its design, in terms of structural form it is the same , the buildings are supported on square columns , allowing the free plan , placing the walls where you want , because they do not support the weight are the columns, beams and dalas nothing .

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